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Garry Cohn X Curator Paints: Cottagecore

Garry Cohn X Curator Paints: Cottagecore

Garry Cohn, owner of COHN Architecture & Interior Design, shares with us his insights on Cottagecore design. Garry is an accomplished international designer with over 30 years experience in the design industry. In collaboration with Curator Paints, Gary has curated his own stunning Cottagecore X Curator palette that highlights how Curator Paints can be used to achieve a delicate and timeless cottagecore design.


Cottagecore décor is an updated design style that romanticizes rustic living and nature, taking inspiration from vintage times gone by. The style is very inviting and humble, and consists of mostly old-world provincial designs with some modern elements woven in. Think of a glamorized version of an old Irish granny's house in the rural countryside dating back to the 16th to 19th Century. Begin your design with some 20th-century vintage technology, like a radio from the 1930’s or a refrigerator that has a retro streamline style from the 1950’s,throw in a lot of soft coloured floral prints and keep the background of the interior white. Items from the 21st century should be kept to a minimum and should be natural toned in colour, to allow them to blend in with the décor.

Cottagecore is an eclectic style that uses repurposed or salvaged furniture and accessories, mixed and matched into the design to feel like they were accumulated over a lifetime by the owner. It is a simple design technique that can be easily incorporated into your home. Below are some of the key elements that make up the style- keep in mind that this is a fantasy style that takes its direction from a "Hollywood" version of a fairy tale Irish granny's cottage in the 21st century.


You will find that nothing is perfect and things need to look effortlessly put together, to give the impression that décor items have been accumulated over time. Some items will match while others will clash.

This style has many feminine characteristics and details infused into the design- such as wildflowers, soft colours, floral patterned tea sets and ruffled curtains.


In contrast, this style also includes rustic materials such as exposed stone, distressed painted wood and textured plastered walls. This is all complemented by clean surfaces such as white marble with light grey veins. Dark painted furniture in black, blue or dark green provides a heavy accent to relieve the eye from all the pattern and old collectables displayed throughout the space. 


Everything can be found in a thrift shop​ and used in an eclectic manner. It is a move away from minimalism without adding to consumerism. The style instead finds a repurposed use for vintage and pre-loved items.


The Cottagecore style takes inspiration from​ the décor of a traditional Irish Granny, feeling like an updated Instagram version of an Irish Granny. The design style needs to reflect modern times yet also feel as if the assortment of décor has been gathered over a lifetime by an older woman. The sentiment is warm and very inviting.


Flowers are one of the most defining​ elements that characterizes the Cottagecore style. Flowers of all sorts, from dried wildflowers to exotic roses and even tropical leaves can be arranged in a loose non-structured fashion. Potted house plants and herbs can be placed throughout the house in random shapes and sizes. Flower patterns can also be found on fabric prints, dishes and storage containers, even in everyday clothes. There is no matching with this styling, the more mixed the better.


Food plays an aesthetic role to give the appearance that all the meals are handmade, baked or cooked right in the kitchen. Pots and pans hanging on hooks, mason jars and cake dishes on shelves, and fruit and vegetable bowls displayed on tables are defining details necessary in the Cottagecore kitchen. 


Now we add a hit of modern Minimalism​ with our accessories. It is important to note that this is a fantasy style, we are not trying to live in the past but this style has certainly has flavours from the past that we want to use in our home today. When adding modern technology or introducing new items from today, they need to be simple and minimal to draw attention away from them and maintain focus on the vintage and nature-inspired elements in the room. 


Like any décor design, furniture and accessories are essential in tying the style together. Below are examples of just some items that will work​ perfectly in a Cottagecore setting: 

  • Wallpaper (floral or textured) ​
  • Hand-painted furniture ​
  • Books to fill shelves​
  • Gallery wall of pictures or paintings​
  • Mix and match furniture ​
  • Curtains (with ruffles) ​
  • Bohemian undertones ​
  • Vintage modern​
  • Provincial antiques​
  • Second hand accessories​
  • Vintage technology​
  • Irish rustic undertones


The Cottagecore palette is beautiful with​ a longevity that will last into the 2030’s. The décor and colours are set in front of a backdrop of clean white painted walls. When incorporating paint colours, use muted soft tones like watery blues, butter yellows, dull greens, warm greys, chalky beiges, blush pinks and lavenders. There is a need for contrast, which can be accomplished with an accent wall, cabinetry or furniture. Dark, bold accent colours such as rich greens, navy blues, earthy browns, deep charcoals or blacks are complementary to the soft muted tones and can give weight to balance out the space.


I have personally hand-selected a palette of​ Cottagecore colours from the CURATOR paint range that you can use to bring any room to life in this delightful style. Enjoy the paint & colours. ​

Please let me know what you think and send me a message at 


This palette contains a collection of Cottagecore inspired colours, embracing rustic living and nature, and taking inspiration from vintage times gone by.


Drawing inspiration from the soft blushes and pinks so prominent in Cottagecore design, this palette will add a gentle, feminine touch to any interior.


Embracing the nautical blue hues of Cottagecore design, this combination of colours is inherently refreshing.


Much like the greenery surrounding a traditional Irish cottage, this forest inspired palette is serene and calm in nature. 


In contrast to the soft, muted hues of our previous palettes, these tones will add an unique contrast to an otherwise soft and gentle décor.


Inspired by nature and earth's natural colour offering, these colours will ensure a grounded, down-to-earth feeling, in keeping with your home's natural surroundings.


These warm shades are naturally cosy and comforting, this palette will ensure a sense of comfort in your home. 


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