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Brand Presentation Virtual Event

The Curator colour collection elicits a visceral response.  Learn the inspiration of the Curator Brand and how to specify Curator Paint on your next Architectural project. To register your firm for brand presentation please contact:

Designing a New Era: Lead the Post-COVID Future

An IDCEC Approved 1 hr. CE Course

Historic pandemics of the 20th and 21st centuries have shaped our behaviour, our attitudes, and the way we live and work. Their impact has extended to our interior spaces, causing changes in design that extend well past the immediate effects of the pandemic. This course looks at the great influenza pandemic of 1918‒1920 and COVID-19 and reviews their effects on society and design. Looking to a post-COVID-19 future, the course suggests specific design themes to contemplate and what the future of colour and design might be.

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Designer Events

We are in an ever-changing design environment. We offer free presentations curated especially for you, the Designer in mind. Our instructors can help you stay inspired and provide thought provoking conversations all about design. 

We can help you stay on top of the latest design topics and network with fellow designers. To this end we have in-person events that follow CDC guidelines. 

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