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A luxurious flat finish

/ Interior and exterior wood and metal coating with a low-sheen finish.

/ Curator Eggshell is the lowest sheen level in the Curator range suitable for wood and metal, for interior and exterior use.

/ Eggshell is a waterbased, low VOC, low odour, alkyd paint with excellent colour retention.

/ Eggshell is most often used on furniture, doors and fences. However, due to its extremely durable finish you are not limited to using it in these places alone. Please contact us to determine the most appropriate finish for your project.

/ Eggshell is a stain resistant, washable finish. We recommend washing stains as soon as possible with a clean, lint free cloth and clean, warm, soapy water. Do not apply too much pressure as excessive scrubbing may damage the paint finish. Oil based stains may not be completely removed, marks from permanent markers will not be removed.

Application + Information


/ Suitable for brush, roller or spray application. Appropriate PPE is recommended.

/ Two coats of Eggshell are recommended for full colour and product performance.

/ Coverage of Eggshell is 12-15m2 depending on surface conditions and technique.

/ When painting previously painted wood or glossy surfaces which may contain silicone or wax or if unsure of surface, rub down with the appropriate sandpaper to achieve a key before proceeding.

/ We recommend one coat of Curator Prime Coat followed by two coats of Curator Eggshell.

Drying Time

/ At room temperature, Eggshell is touch dry in 2-4 hours, depending on film thickness and drying conditions.

/ At room temperature, Eggshell can be recoated in 6-8 hours, depending on film thickness and drying conditions.

/ Full paint properties do not develop for a minimum of 7-10 days after application (depending on drying conditions). The paint should not be washed before this time has elapsed.

/ Temperature, humidity and film thickness will affect the drying time. When painting outside do not paint if rain or dew is expected, or if temperatures are to drop below 50°F or reach above 80°F.